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Renata Walczuk Visual Art Renata Walczuk Visual Art Renata Walczuk Visual Art
Biography Renata Walczuk

Renata Walczuk was born and raised in Wroclaw, Poland. She received an extensive Art Education in the Academic European Schools of Painting.

The turbulent political atmosphere of Poland in the early 1980’s sent Renata to California, Ohio, New Mexico and Hawaii.

She continued painting and was soon receiving commissions to paint portraits. Renata became associates with the School of Light and Color founded by Susan Sarback from Fair Oaks, California, who became her mentor. The technique utilized the method of Full Color Seeing to capture radiance in painting. A close relationship with the Swedish classical painter Inger Hudson, has sharpened Renata’s skills as a portrait artist.

Today, Renata lives with her family on the Big Island, Hawaii.

Artist Statement

"If an artist is an instrument in communicating with others, my intention would be to translate metaphors into the language of painting. Inspired by human faces, nature and landscapes, I would like to remind my audience to look again. . .
Perhaps through poetic journeys of images and colors, we can experience the mystery and the beauty of our creation."