Matt Miko
Two contestants from different states, complete strangers to one another, trade places, spaces and familiar faces inhabiting each other's daily routine. They live each other's lives in school, after school, at work, with friends and even at home.
Don't miss their experiences and the reactions of their "new" families and friends, as they take on a life completely unlike their own.

The series will premiere on 26 May 2003 on the ABC Family Channel (U.S.), and re-runs will continue during the year

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Switched! website
The official website for the show.

Evolution Studios
The production company that made the series.

ABC Family
The channel the episodes will be airing.

newspaper articles ::

Maui Teen "Switched!"
By Advertiser Staff, The Honolulu Advertiser
Tuesday, May 27 2003

Miko Walczuk, a 17-year-old from Maui, and Matthew Sereni of California changed places for an ABC Family network show, "Switched!" a half-hour program featuring teenagers from different parts of the country who trade identities. Sereni was schooled at home and took part in arts projects at Walczuk's house. Walczuk played [baseball] in Los Altos. The episode shows at 4:30 p.m. [May 26].

Let's Talk
By Liz Janes-Brown, The Maui News
Sunday, May 18 2003

Media mania: A Maui family is featured in “Switched!”, a new show to be premiered May 26 on the ABC Family channel. (described as a “New Age Kid” by network publicists), 17-year-old son of visual and performing artists (who created masks and puppets for “Phantom”) and of Pukalani, traded places with 18-year-old Matthew Sereni (“Horse Riding Hunk”) from Los Altos, Calif. Each episode of the show features two teen-agers from different parts of the country who trade lives and inhabit a stranger’s daily routine for four days while the whole thing is taped — a reality series for teens.

Maui teen lands reality series role
By Gary Kubota, The Honolulu Star-Bulletin
Monday, May 26 2003

[Miko] said he did what Sereni might normally do in his schedule, such as attend a small private school. And, because Sereni is a competitive horse rider, Walczuk got his chance in the saddle."
As the son of parents involved in the arts, he's lived in four different cities, including Malibu, Calif., and Taos, New Mexico.
" If that is a sign of future television, it's going to be very exciting," [Lee Michael] said. "There are great people out there and great families."