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about us : walczuk.com

We are an artistic family of Polish+American descent living in the Pacific. We have been in the arts since the sixties, creating with Marjorie McPharlin, John Strasberg, Melvyn Helstein, Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis, Ed Emchwiller, Carolyn Carlson, Dan McLaughlin, Basil Langton, Donato Sartori, Jac Depczyk, Adam Darius, Ella Jaroszewicz, Patrick McDermott, Heather Forest, and of course Coach John Wooden.

You might ask: Who —or what— is Walczuk? Well, Walcz is a Polish word meaning "Warrior; Fighter." As you may know: to "Waltz" is to dance. So Walczuk means a Dancer-Fighter.


Walczuk— as a family of Artists we created this website to share our experiences.

For over 40 years Walczuk Productions has been at the forefront of masks, puppets and their construction and use in performance.

Living in Paris, London, Wroclaw, Opole, Florence and Padua allowed the process to evolve into a distinctive way of disciplining synthesized creativity and vision.

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The focus of family Walczuk began when 2 year old Mikolaj played the drums at Lee Michael's Master Thesis Animation Theatre Presentation at the UCLA Film School. Piotr joined the Performances as a 'Buster Keaton' child clown and Maria danced. Dominik is in the classic style of a young Shakespearean all-around performer. Renata is a Colorist. She creates the scenery, set designs and the Artistic Direction.

The future is promising with Multi Media explorations. The integration of digital arts, "light actors" and various projection styles has enabled the family Walczuk to perform in festivals, create media and still maintain a vigorous, classic-universal style.